A Little About Us...

All of us at Little Bit Tacky are passionate about horses and their well being. We know the love, sweat and tears that is invested in the world of a horse enthusiast.

This is why we started Little Bit Tacky - to serve you and your hooved friends with quality and unique tack and quick, friendly delivery. This allows you to maximize your stable time - as we believe every moment spent with your horse is time well spent!

  • Shop in ultimate comfort

    Shopping online allows you to order from the comfort of your home - or the barn! The best part is since we're local you don't need to wait days or even weeks for your order to arrive!

  • Here when you need us!

    As horse owners we know that sometimes you desperately need some rolls of vet wrap and poultice after all of the local stores are closed. That's why we offer emergency deliveries directly to your barn!

  • Quick delivery

    Forget about waiting days or even weeks for your order to finally arrive in the mail. Since we're in the Fraser Valley, you can expect your order to be hand delivered in as little as a few hours!

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