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Dust On

Dust On! All in One ~ Wound Dressing

Dust On! All in One ~ Wound Dressing

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Dust On! All-In-One Wound Dressing is a dry powder that stops bleeding fast. Draws and absorbs discharge. Creates a firm and breathable scab. Allows body to heal naturally and does not damage live tissue. Non-caustic for proud flesh. Also for dehorning/docking. All-natural; for all animals.

Contains multiple clays as the light base that draws, absorbs and adheres; 13% food grade copper salt/active; diatomaceous earth and oregano powder.

Directions: Before first use, gently cleanse affected area and remove all debris. Puff powder directly on and around laceration, abrasion or rash. Use 1-3 times a day until bleeding and drainage ceases. Once per day thereafter. When scab size has considerably decreased, continue use 2-3 time per week to aid against proud flesh.

Made in the USA. 2.5oz / 70.9g

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