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Kopper Kare ~ Copper Naphthenate Liquid

Kopper Kare ~ Copper Naphthenate Liquid

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Kopper Kare is indicated for use in the treatment of thrush and spongy hooves. It is a fungicide-antiseptic-astringent liquid.

Size: 475ml

Active Ingredient: Copper Naphthenate 37.5%

Thrush is a common anaerobic bacterial infection of the horse's hoof tissue characterized by a black, necrotic (dead), foul-smelling material. Thrush typically affects the central frog or grooves adjacent to and in the middle the frog (collateral sulci). Some symptoms of hoof thrush can be..

  • Discharge from the crevice of the hoof.
  • Obvious sensitivity of the hoof or leg.
  • Very foul odor coming from within the hoof.
  • Frequent, easy bleeding of the hoof or leg.
  • Other signs of pain and discomfort in your horse, including restlessness or loss of appetite.

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